Week 18: April/May – dual months in review

Distance covered: 421.41 kms (209.81 Apr, 211.60 May).

Funds raised: $370.63 ($1,244.41 since starting up; please see my fundraising page on Everyday Hero to donate).

April and May were ‘how the heck will I do it all’ months.

It was the time when I started to run more than 30kms on a given day on the weekend (peaking at 36.66km last weekend), and covered more than 74km during the ‘peak’ weeks. I also used my ‘get out of jail free’ card – the buffer week, for when I really just couldn’t fit it all in and was a tad fatigued. A worthwhile investment in myself that week!

They were race months, with the Run Noosa half marathon in April and the Mother’s Day Classic in May. These were my last formal ‘races’ before the Tan Ultra in August, so I gave the last one (the MDC) everything I had, knocking the 8kms off in 38:39.

It was also the time of family. I visited my twin brother in Cooloolabin, Queensland (ahh…sun. I remember it well), walked a lap of the Tan as part of the MDC with my mum followed by brunch on Mother’s Day, started seeing my youngest brother for lunch once a fortnight, continued seeing my dad for our fortnightly Thursday breakfasts (which I always still run before, so it is up early on those days!!), and even slotted in a bit of time with the very busy brother. Phew – thank goodness there are no more siblings! Couldn’t fit them in!

I also met a lot of my colleagues who have been taking their own journey with the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program – so many of whom inspire me constantly. It was a curious time as well, as I met some people face-to-face who read this blog (*waves*). It is nice to know that my regular ramblings are read by someone and enjoyed!

I was full steam into my Masters research, interviewing subjects, acquiring and crunching data sets, continuing the lit review, presenting twice on my work, and writing writing writing. I have two 20+ page reports due next week, so more writing this week! One of the people I interviewed was the manager of a cafe/restaurant called Kinfolk, in Bourke Street – it is a different type of cafe, as it is focussed on social enterprise. Great food! For those interested, my Masters research is on food waste in licensed food businesses in Melbourne.

Shopfront of Kinfolk cafe, Bourke Street, Melbourne

Kinfolk, Bourke Street, Melbourne

Work went a bit nuts, but I managed to keep a balance on that front by simply saying “I cannot do that in the time available” – very empowering statements, and difficult to say for someone who usually thinks, “oh yeah, I reckon I can do that, even if it means working stupid hours”.

Life was not all work work work, as I also attended the opening night of Victorian Opera’s production of Nixon in China. That was an incredible event. I had seen the Met’s production a few years back, and honestly think the VO production was better. Madam Mao was a force to be reckoned with!

How do I feel about the third and fourth months’ worth of running and fundraising?

The body is still continuing to hold up well (thanks to my masseur and osteo!!!). At my osteo appointment this month, he told me how impressed he was with the condition of all the joints that suffer so much impact. I must have had a very tentative and dubious look on my face when he first asked how I was going, and I related that I am still a little surprised that I have not (touch wood) had any significant problems. Perhaps I wont! He seems to think that my training, stretching and care regimes are working for me, so don’t change them now.

I am managing to maintain my weight, which is good as tend to be dropping about 2kgs when I do my long runs on the weekend! In fact my friend who is the experienced ultra runner commented that (in a good way) I am not looking all thin and gaunt yet, but that ahem, my arse is starting to disappear. Bless.

I have managed to raise approximately a third of my target for Wildlife Victoria thanks to the generosity and kindness of others, and have had immense moral support from so many people – thank you! A few friends have pledged to donate as well, and to assist, here is the link to the page to donate: Everyday Hero.

What does June look like?

  • 298 kms of plodding away
  • new shoes (yay!)
  • Circus Oz (wow! a social life!)
  • booking all of the shows and tours that mum and I will be doing in July in Singapore, Europe and Dubai. This time next month I will have run a few kms in Singapore already! And have had a Singapore Sling at Raffles  ; )
  • lots of food!

See you on the road!

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