Race results: Mother’s Day Classic

The Mother’s Day Classic (MDC) is the first ‘fun run’ I ever competed in. I remember walking down to the Domain in Sydney, where I was living at the time, as nervous as all heck and thinking that I would never get through the 4km run. I did struggle towards the end, but I was determined to finish, no matter how slow. I did finish of course, and I can’t recall my exact time now (about 8 years later), but I think it was close to the same time as what I now finish the 8km in. Baby steps!

So the MDC holds an important place in my heart. I first ran it in solidarity for my partner whose mother passed away from breast cancer when they were a child. I now run it to say thank you to the community of women, of runners, of all those who get up early to do something for someone else because they give a damn.

It is not a race I run for PBs. There are waaaaaay too many runners to wade through. The bottle neck at the start is so slow I could stop and tie my shoelace. The number of prams in the race creates an extra obstacle course that sometimes frustrates me (especially when they run into my ankles from behind), but other times makes me pleased – as at least those parents are setting a great example for their young children.

This year’s was especially special as, after I finished my 8km run, I met up with my mother and we walked the 4km Tan track together before heading out to mothers’ day brunch.   : )

Mum and me after completing the 4km walk at the mothers day classic in Melbourne

Mum and me after the 4km walk

Even though they are not important in the scale of things for this race, here are the stats for the run:

Distance: 8km

My net time: 38:59.07

My average net pace: 4:52.46 mins/km
       (Hmmmm – rather speedy for me. Love to know my fastest km)

My net position:

  • overall: 694 out of 7509
  • gender: 222 out of 5424
  • division (F40-49): 34 out of 1124            (Wow – top 3%! No wonder it didn’t look like there were too many in front of me comparatively)

OK, I know I said I don’t run this race for time or PBs, but I did knock one off this year, running the MDC about 5-6 mins faster than in the past. Starting as close as possible to the line makes a huge difference! As soon as I saw I had a bit of space for a change, I thought I would just let my body do whatever it could as this was going to be the last organised race before I run the ultra in August. More than happy with the results!

Now it is time to slow the legs down and let the body work through the many hundreds of kms left between now and August (injury free – cross fingers!).

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2 Responses to Race results: Mother’s Day Classic

  1. Greg says:

    Well done Di and it is a fantastic cause. My wife and 10 year old daughter did the 8km walk together. I was so proud of both of them.

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