Week 16 – presence

No that isn’t a typo, and I sadly did not receive any presents or gifts of running goodies and paraphernalia (and don’t we runners love some good running ‘bling’??!!).

Running bling wall of medals

source: http://www.globe-runners.com/?q=node/304
(no, they are not mine!)

This week’s post is about being present in the run.

It sounds a bit zen/new-age/airy-fairy, but being in the moment of the run is something I fight to do almost every time I lace up my shoes.

As I ran around the Tan this morning, I found my mind wandering towards next weekend when I have a big-arsed run planned for the Sunday, and then started pre-planning all the stuff I need to do later today and during the week. I swear if I had an Executive Assistant with me I would have asked them to be taking notes and organising meetings.

Then the sound of a few runners voices interrupted the scheduling process, bringing me back into that moment. The moment when I could eavesdrop effectively on their conversation (and let’s admit it – who doesn’t like to?), check out the talent running in the opposite direction (again, who doesn’t like to??), watch the golden snow of autumn leaves sweep across the path in front of me on the breeze, feel the sweat just starting to pool around the rim of my running beanie, and be warmed by the sun appearing from behind clouds.

It is a bit like mindful eating, I guess – something that is promoted by a friend of mine, Lesh Karan, The Mindful Foodie. Mindful eating is where you take the time to slowly savour food rather than eating quickly, distracted by other things such as the TV or computer. There is a great infographic from eating mindfully that uses a marathon as an analogue to eating mindfully (see below – you may need to click on it to make it bigger to be able to read it!).

Similarly to when I eat, distracted with trying to knock off other things at the same time, I am guilty of doing the same when I run.

In trying to be more mindful, my run changed from being one where I was clocking the kms and the time, to one where I wondered what I might experience as I rounded the next bend. My energy shifted from power to relaxed, and the soreness and tightness in my legs dropped off a bit.

I had given myself permission to stop watching the clock and start feeling the run a bit more, and gained immensely.

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4 Responses to Week 16 – presence

  1. Carol says:

    Oh gosh, the things that go on in my head when I’m out running, so glad I’m not the only one. But actually Saturday morning I was on the outskirts of town and looked over at the ‘mount’ (an old dormant volcano) and the sun was shining on the dew on the fences and I could hear a dog yapping in a yard, and some cows were stopping and staring, and I took it all in and it was just lovely and I felt very fortunate to be out and about. It’s so good to be in the moment and appreciate isn’t it, but still something I have to work at.

  2. Trish Zupan says:

    Hi Di! Thanks to Carol finding my blog I’ve found your blog 🙂 It was great to see you again at the 12wbt finale events. I’ve started my 10k running program this round and I’m blogging about it over at http://runtrisharun12wbt.blogspot.com.au/. I am still very internal when running as the effort takes over every aspect of my being but I feel inspired by your reflections to think that I could get to a point where running is a pleasure activity – ha ha ha. I may see you on the Tan as this is also my regular run – usually at lunch times but I’m doing a morning run this morning so you never know. All the best, Trish

    • ultraprimed says:

      Hi Trish. Great to hear from you. Hope you like my ramblings. The one at week 14 was inspired after spending time chatting with you and Carol.
      Great stuff on going for the 10k! It is quite a goal! I know you will do it. Easy in and upwards. I may well see you on the Tan this weekend. I am doing my long run there on Sunday morning. Promise to say hi if I am not too buggered. ; )

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