Wildlife Victoria – supporting our injured wildlife

I have nearly completed 3 months of my training program for the Tan Ultra marathon. In this time I have covered about 550kms and run for some 3000 minutes or so and managed to raise just a bit over $1000 for Wildlife Victoria (see my fundraising page). At the same time Wildlife Victoria has taken calls and attended to native animals including:

  • 1847 Possums
  • 847 Eastern grey kangaroos
  • 168 Grey headed flying foxes
  • 158 Koalas
  • 142 Magpies, and
  • 163 Swamp wallabies.
Timothy the echidna

courtesy Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria receives no government funding for the vital service it operates for our wildlife and our community. The organisation and work is completely supported by generous donations from members of the public like you and me.

As you may be aware, my goal in running the Tan Ultra is to raise $5000 for Wildlife Victoria. The team at Wildlife Victoria has informed me that $5000 will

  • allow Wildlife Victoria to run the Emergency Phone Service for 4 days


  • on average, allow Wildlife Victoria to rescue 200 animals


  • make it possible to train and support 20 volunteers per year.

Wildlife Victoria’s emergency phone service is invaluable, giving the public somewhere to call every time they find a distressed sick, injured or orphaned native animal. Their highly trained operators progress through a series of questions with each caller. This ensures that the exact details of each animal and that particular situation are recorded along with gathering all those vital statistics used to improve conditions and advocate for wildlife over the longer term. Supporting the trained operators is a state-of-the-art database which pinpoints the exact address of the animal needing care and the network of volunteers available at that time within a certain geographical radius. The whole process is automated through a case numbering system which sends out SMS messages to volunteers, follow up emails to all parties connected to that unique case number and the eventual fate of the animal is reported back to the caller. Pretty impressive stuff!

Stevie the baby marsupial

courtesy Wildlife Victoria

Over the last 12 months:

  • Wildlife Victoria responded to 60,000 calls for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.
  • Volunteers were required for 70% of calls, 30% are for advice alone.
  • Volunteers actively aided 28,387 different animals.
  • Ninety (90)% of the active volunteers were utilised, including 330 veterinary clinics.
  • The Melbourne metropolitan area accounted for 79% of all cases.
  • The top wildlife in need: Ringtail/Brushtail Possum, Kangaroo and Birds.
  • The top three circumstances of calls: found on the ground, hit by vehicle and attacked by a cat.      : (
  • The top three suburbs/towns: Frankston, Melbourne and Warrnambool.

Donations can be made to Wildlife Victoria via my Everyday Hero page. Thank you to everyone who has donated to date, and those who have pledged their support both financially and morally. You are all my champions.

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