March – the month in review

Distance covered: 200.63 kms (354.41 kms covered to date from 1 Feb to 31 Mar).

Funds raised: $183.78 ($853.78 from 1 Feb to 31 Mar; please see my fundraising page on Everyday Hero to donate).

March was escalation month.

people going up an escalator


It was the month when I started to run more than 20kms on a given day on the weekend (peaking at 26.1km), and covered more than 55km a week during the ‘peak’ weeks.

I didn’t have any races to aim for, so it was a month of getting the training brain in order, and identifying a few more organized races to target (Run Noosa half marathon at the end of this month. Mothers Day Classic in May).

It was also the month of introducing racewalking to my long runs and surprising myself with the time I was finishing within. The long run became something I started to look forward to (bizarre but true!), and I experimented with a few different ways of racewalking.

I started working part time work and studying part time, which meant a little more scheduling and planning. This is an area I blogged about during the month, as the balance is something I am acutely aware of. So far – not too unbalanced!

How do I feel about the second month’s worth of running and fundraising?

The body is continuing to hold up well (thanks to my masseur and osteo!!!). I did put a small amount of weight on over the month, which I will keep tabs on so I don’t push over my ‘threshold’ that I know causes aching joints. Or perhaps that is just ageing!! My body is changing shape a little – the legs are looking like runners legs now, and I have lost a tiny bit of muscle mass on the arms due to not boxing or doing weights as frequently.

I have managed to raise approximately a quarter of my target for Wildlife Victoria thanks to the generosity and kindness of others, and have had immense moral support from so many people – thank you! A few friends have pledged to donate as well, and to assist, here is the link to the page to donate: Everyday Hero

What does April look like?

See you on the road!

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3 Responses to March – the month in review

  1. sallybarrett says:

    Hi there! Great to read your blog – I’m really interested to know how much you’re eating with such a high number of kms covered. Do you track your calories?

    • ultraprimed says:

      Hi Sally,
      Yes, I do track my calories and pay attention to my weight and what I eat. After a few years of trial and error I have discovered that I have an ideal weight range for me for long distance running. Any lighter than the range and I fatigue during long runs. Any heavier than the range and my knees and hips ache during the run.
      I have been doing the Michelle Bridges 12wbt program for a bit which has a set calorie intake per day, but I option up all meals etc and add extra calories to each meal as otherwise I drop too much weight. Like most people I know doing the program, I am not religious about it, but it is a great guide. I watch the amount of protein I consume in particular as it is a critical part of muscle repair. Hope this answers your question.
      Cheers, Di

      • sallybarrett says:

        That does help – thank you. I’m also following 12WBT but not religiously. I don’t think I’ll be doing next round because I’m happy with the way I’m eating. But I am going to do a lot more reading up on what foods are good for runners.
        Protein – yes – I definitely need more of that…!

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