Poll: does music move you?

As I ran around the lake at Tuggeranong this morning, I passed a lot of runners. Those without earphones in nodded and did the runners’ ‘good morning’. Those listening to their iPod/MP3 player did not. No skin off my nose, as we are all moved by different things. I read a blog post this week on the pros and cons of running with music or without.

iPod shuffle

So I am curious, readers – do you run with music?

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5 Responses to Poll: does music move you?

  1. Hils says:

    Runners in Brussels never nod a hello, even if you pass them 3 times or more in the park (as in, going in opposite directions, not lapping them as I’m sure that could be annoying!) or if you see them every time you’re out running. I always go to make eye contact, but nothing….

    Anyway, that doesn’t have much to do with music, sorry!

  2. Carol says:

    I have tried but can’t run with music, can’t seem to find my beat so don’t bother. Although I have heard of an app that when you play music it slows down or speeds up the song depending on your stride. Having said that I don’t find the need to listen to my iPod unless I’m in the train and usually it’s a talking book or podcast, so I figure for me it’s not about the running, it’s just that I don’t listen to iPod music much at all.

    After all that,I find I can’t do the runners good morning, cause I’m usually breathing too hard. Ha! And in this little country town people would expect a good morning then stop and talk!! But I do raise my hand in a wave and keep on running. Great topic.

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