Morning runs

I feel very fortunate living in a city where I have the choice to run along a river, around the botanic gardens or along the beach most mornings, and all from my front door.

I never used to be a morning exerciser. More energy in the afternoon for me for sure! However, since doing the Michelle Bridges 12wbt, I have become a morning exerciser more and more. If I can get my run or gym work done before work, at least I can guarantee I will do it as opposed to potentially doing it or not feeling like it later. I have discovered that I love the sounds and sights of a city waking up.

This morning’s dawn run was a short 6.5km run along the Yarra River (see picture). The rowers were out there slicing the water. Delivery vans were bringing fresh produce to the restaurants along southbank. Bootcamp enthusiasts were gathering along the banks to start to burpee and punch. Other early morning runners, walkers and cyclists were passing each other, still waking up a bit in some cases. The temperature was a gorgeous 20 something, and I was happily able to run in just shorts and a running singlet.

It does mean that I get up at stupid o’clock most mornings, but it is treasured time.

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10 Responses to Morning runs

  1. Miss Wan says:

    Your morning run sounds lovely, more relaxing than mine. I’ve also blogged about my morning run today.

  2. Kealan says:

    20 something, very nice. 4 and rain here in Ireland, nice too in a different kind of way. Streets to myself along the banks of the Blackwater.

    • ultraprimed says:

      Good for you, Kealan! The rain can be a bit of a detractor for me if it is pouring before I step out the door. It is funny, as I don’t care if I get soaked a km or two into my run though.

  3. Way to go..I just can’t force myself out of bed..unless there is a race involved..but other than that I stay in my warm bed and sleep

  4. Hils says:

    I like the idea of morning runs, but what time do you have to go to bed to be able to really do it? And, do you eat before you go out? And last question, would you advise morning running in Brussels?

    • ultraprimed says:

      Hi Hils, I try to go to bed by 10 if I am getting up at 4.30 or 5. I don’t really eat before I go out if they are runs shorter than 12-15k, only have a couple of teaspoons of yoghurt or a good spoon of peanut butter. If I am going a 20k plus run though I need to eat about an hour and a half prior, but I save those runs for the weekend when I get up at 6 or 7, then start running at about 8 or so. And morning runs in Brussels – hmmm…hard in winter, but it is dark at both ends of the day, so I guess it doesn’t matter so much. I tend to find if I get it out if the way first thing I am guaranteed to do the run. If I plan to do it after work, sometimes it doesn’t happen. : )

  5. Hils says:

    4.30 or 5??! Mamma Mia, that’s early!! I thought it’d be more like 6/6.30! Maybe morning runs aren’t for me then?! Hope all is well with you anyway – I enjoy your blog by the way!

    • ultraprimed says:

      How early I get up depends on if I am working that day, what time I start, and how long I have to run etc. On Wednesdays for example, I meet a friend at 6am to run together, so I have to leave my place at 5.30 to get there in time and as I do a 10-15 min stretching and toning routine every morning as soon as I get up, the alarm goes off at 4.30-4.45. Whereas on Thursday I don’t need to be in til 10 every second week, and as I run from home, so I get up later those days.
      Glad you like the blog, and same – hope all is well at your end : )
      Hey, will be in Brussels for a few days in July and will try to organise a group catch up with whoever is around. More on that later and separately.

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