February – the month in review

Distance covered: 153.78kms.

Funds raised: $670 (see my fundraising page on Everyday Hero to donate).

February was the set-up month.

February calendar

It was the month when I set up my running routine (3 x during the week, 2 x on the weekend).

I ran a few races as mini milestones to keep me on track and inspired (Brazilian Butterfly Queen of the Lake and the Brooks Zoo Run), with good results.

Protein became a more important aspect of my diet. Well, I guess it always has been, but I have paid so little attention to eating the right proportion and types.

I did some baseline work on my general health and have organised to see my osteo and masseur more regularly, and have started watching my weight more closely so that I don’t drop too much. Through the 12wbt program I purchased some Tanita body scan scales, and it is pretty cool to learn about the percentage of body water I have, my visceral fat levels, bone mass, muscle mass, percentage body fat and my metabolic age (amazingly it is 28 years of age!). Oh yeah, they also tell me how much I weigh  ; )

With the forthcoming month of March seeing me move to part time work and part time study, I planned my running schedule in my diary in more detail so that I knew it would still be done with minimal disruption from the impending changes. I am a little apprehensive about some of the changes, but as they were entirely my decision, I will embrace them and make it work as best it can for me. I am loving the idea of only 3 days in the office each week though!

How do I feel about the first month’s worth of running and fundraising?

The body is holding up well at present (touch wood), so I think the training plan looks like it may be OK. I am about to start to introduce walk breaks into my long runs, so that will be an interesting experiment. Will keep everyone posted on that. I am enjoying the increased fitness I am acquiring.

The generosity of friends and supporters towards my fundraising efforts for Wildlife Victoria has been fantastic. I have been touched by the kindness of others who do not know me personally but support my endeavours. Also, I am incredibly grateful for the support of my friends and family who know I am always thinking of the next big adventure, and encourage me, regardless of how nuts I may seem at times!

Bring on the 205 kms of March madness!

ps – yes, I know February doesn’t have 31 days. I used the calendar image above as I loved the incorrect aspect to the graphic : )

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