Week 3 – mindful eating

When it comes to my health and fitness, the last 6-9 months has seen significant changes. I have become fitter than I have ever been (thanks 12WBT for a bit of a push!), and started cooking more meals at home, and healthier ones at that!

However, I am a bit guilty of the whole ‘I will run it off tomorrow morning’ attitude at times. My biggest weaknesses are cakes of pretty much any kind and dark chocolate, and good wine. I want chocolate!So a long run may see me reward myself with a bit of cake. Not that a treat is not a bad thing, but removing the emotional ‘reward’ aspect from food and treating it as a fuel that I enjoy is something I am trying to achieve.

This weekend in Sydney I ran about 30kms (you can follow my running logs on the Training Schedule page). On Saturday night, for my post 17km run meal at Pasha’s in Newtown, Sydney, (Highly recommended! Fantastic Turkish cuisine) the temptation was there for a couple of reds, as – hey! I had just worked off as many calories as I normally eat in a day! But instead I tried something else – I sat in that meal in the moment. Mindful eating I think it is called. Enjoying every mouthful of food, each sip of wine in the one glass I did have; and enjoyed it all slowly. The herbs and spices of the meal became so distinct to me. The way the wine complemented to lamb was more noticeable.

It seems almost counter-intutitve to end up wanting less by slowing down and enjoying food and wine more, but I think that this may contribute to the solution. Not completely sure, but I will try to apply this a bit more often and see how that goes.

It is not about saying no necessarily, but saying yes, mindfully.

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2 Responses to Week 3 – mindful eating

  1. sallybarrett says:

    I am guilty of the same and actually just blogged a very similar story! Damn cake…

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